I can help the SRES® REALTORS® help their Senior clients


Since all my clients are exclusively SRES® REALTORS®, my objective is to help them to help their Senior clients and their adult children, with non-real estate activities that they can't do, don't want to do, or aren't licensed to do.  I do this with my team of professionals that are experts in various fields.  My objective as stated in my mission statement is to:

  • solve their problems
  • manage their future
  • educate them to topics that will affect them, their family, and loved ones.

I give each new client an Agent Resource Kit which is packed with information for use and reference. 

As you can see from my bio, I am involved in many and varied aspects of aging, from committees, organizations, groups, and projects, to my central focus of monthly seminars which I have recently been recording and posting on my website.  These are open to the public and free.  I encourage SRES® REALTORS® to bring clients to these very informative sessions.

I also have a cache of materials that I can share: books, articles, DVDs, PowerPoints, etc.  I also post new information, events, articles of interest, and updates on my blog daily.  All this is useful for the SRES® REALTOR®, that wants to go the extra mile to help his Senior clients.  I also send periodic e-blasts of new information.

As a Senior myself, I can share my own personal experiences of being legally disabled, experiencing major surgeries, being on long term disability, Social Security and Medicare, and living in an Assisted Living Facility for 2 weeks.  Personal experience is much more valuable than common knowledge.

So what can I do for you that you can't do yourself?  Nothing, actually.  Everything I do, you can do yourself.  But it will take 10 times longer, you would have to educate yourself on many of the areas, and you would have to go out and establish relationships, make contacts, and build a team of experts.  I have done all this and more.  And I do not charge you or your clients for this service.

If you are interested in working with Agape Long Term Care, please contact me for an initial interview session.