Because of my knowledge, experience, and expertise in real estate, financial planning, long term care, and the Senior Market, I bring much more information to the SRES® course than most instructors. Being a CFP®, I have been classically trained in retirement, insurance and risk management, taxation, legal issues, and wealth management. My experience in the Senior Market gives me in-depth knowledge of housing, services, resources, agencies, and specialization that are a huge part of the SRES® course. I "Super-Size" the class with additional information and material not included in the basic course. While other instructors have years of experience and are experts at real estate, teaching a variety of real estate classes, I specialize in the Senior Market and the SRES® course is all that I teach, it is my specialty. You wouldn't want a pediatrician to do your heart surgery, would you? Let the expert teach you the SRES® course!